Entangled Sisters

Vayeitzei The story of entangled siblings is continuing in this parshah (Torah portion Genesis XXVIII, 10–XXXII, 3.)  Structurally, it is very similar to the story of the previous parshah, Toldot (see Entangled Twins).  In this parshah, we again read about two entangled siblings – although, this time, sisters – about deception and symmetry breaking. Two sisters are Rachel and Leah.  As sisters, they are entangled.  They are somewhat opposite – one is introvert, the other is extravert; one is beautiful, the other has week eyes.  Rachel and Leah are earthly embodiments of spiritual partzufim (configurations of sefirot – Divine emanations).  Kabbalah teaches that in spiritual realms, there is Partzuf Rachel and Partzuf Leah, which are two aspects of the Nukvah – the feminine aspect of Godliness.  Partzuf Rachel represents the revealed aspect of [...]